Aries head portrait


March 21 to April 19
Aries personality: Aries people are optimistic, lively, daring, and full of energy. They belong to the action school of swordsmanship and fulfillment, and they are rushers and explorers. But sometimes he appears impatient, impulsive, and too risky.
Ruling house: First
Manage planets: : Mars
Attribute: positive
Five Elements: fire
Today's Lucky numbers: ④ Ⅳ
Today's Lucky direction: southeast ↘
Today's lucky color: pink or light purple or Turquoise
Today's Lucky Fragrance: Tangerine
Today's auspicious ornaments: Emerald Ring or gourd pendant
The best match for the constellation: Sagittarius, Leo(Today best: Libra)

Aries girl personality♀

Advantage: Brave, Passionate, Generous

Weakness: Love fantasy, childish, persistent

Personality description:
Full of fighting spirit, braver and braver than ever, unwilling to admit defeat easily, aggressive, energetic, daring to pursue the ideal in your heart, bold and fearless. Most afraid of failure, always want to be the first, often can't afford to lose, relatively selfish, lack of group cooperation spirit, all self-centered. In love, I like challenges, which is a typical type of liking the new and hating the old. I like to pursue freshness and conquer.

Aries boy personality♂

Advantage: Brave, fiery, hospitable

Weakness: whimsical, arrogant

Personality description:
Aries men are energetic. They always have a passion for admiration and innovation, and like to show an overwhelming spirit. Aries men do not believe in any failure. They are always full of passion and advance in the face of difficulties. Both at work and emotionally, they like to go straight in and make quick decisions. Therefore, Aries boys' life rhythm is very tense and their actions are almost fanatical. They are typical workaholics. In addition, at home, Aries men like to promote their interests and wishes, never consider their family's feelings, and always act very selfish, which gives their family a headache.

Today's Aries Prediction

Aries Astrological Prediction for May 2022, The composite index was 75.50, Ranked No.10 in the Today's horoscope (View 12 Horoscope Rankings) Today's Aries Babies, In terms of health, don't get angry. It's just yourself who's angry; The love fortune (65 points) in each major fortune is not very nice. If it is really not suitable, don't drag it and be cruel here's a famous quote from Lu Xun on "love": If a person is unable to help the person he loves, it's best not to talk about love or not. Of course, help is not equal to love, but love can not include help

Libra is the constellation you most like today. Ask her/him out boldly, and some moving stories may happen in the future! The guardian sign of Aries is the most active at 7:00-8:00 pm today. This is the best time for Aries. At the same time, it faces the southeast u2198 Direction will add points to your luck. …[more..]