Libra head portrait


September 23 to October 23
Libra personality: Libra people are very temperamental, they can talk appropriately, and are good at communicating and coordinating with others. They are excellent negotiators and are charming and elegant. However, thinking is easy to sway from side to side; the pursuit of a bright appearance is easy to lose yourself.
Ruling house: seventh
Manage planets: : Venus
Attribute: positive
Five Elements: wind
Today's Lucky numbers: ⑧ Ⅷ
Today's Lucky direction: southeast ↘
Today's lucky color: livid or Turquoise or iron black
Today's Lucky Fragrance: Sharon incense
Today's auspicious ornaments: Turquoise Pendant or Lapis Lazuli Pendant
The best match for the constellation: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra(Today best: Gemini)

Libra girl personality♀

Advantage: Charm, artistry, beauty

Weakness: Narcissism, smug, perfunctory

Personality description:
They are used to maintaining a harmonious interpersonal relationship and a desire for peace, and tend to maintain a pleasant cooperative relationship by means of moderation and cooperation with others. I don't like conflict and dispute. Therefore, I often compromise by pleasing or pleasing others. Therefore, I am often in a state of indecision and indecision. Libra girls are a little selfish in love. In their eyes, the person they love most may always be themselves.

Libra boy personality♂

Advantage: idealism, justice

Weakness: Do whatever you want, love to be lazy

Personality description:
Libra boys are men who can not only take care of their wife and be considerate, but also have to be fickle. They are charming, like to guess women's psychology, listen to their voices and understand their feelings. Libra's character makes them good friends. His cool head, generous demeanor and elegant conversation make him quite a temperament of diplomatic litigation. This is not only a rare confidant, but also an ideal partner. They can't live a lonely life. He wants the people around him to be close and live in harmony.

Today's Libra Prediction

Libra Astrological Prediction for May 2022, The composite index was 80.00, Ranked No.8 in the Today's horoscope (View 12 Horoscope Rankings) Today's Libra Babies, Career index (92 points) is very good. There is nothing to pay special attention to in career; Your fortune is a little bad. Gemini is your best constellation today. Do you have your favorite Gemini? If you have something to do, hurry up... Libra's Guardian sign is the most active at 7:00-8:00 pm today. This time is Libra's best luck. At the same time, it faces the southeast u2198 Direction will add points to your luck. …[more..]