Capricorn head portrait


December 22 to January 19
Capricorn personality: Capricorn people have their own ideas, are practical, full of stamina, firm-willed, have a strong sense of time, value authority and reputation, have good organizational leadership skills, and are worthy of reliance.
Ruling house: tenth
Manage planets: : Saturn
Attribute: negative
Five Elements: earth
Today's Lucky numbers: ④ Ⅳ
Today's Lucky direction: southeast ↘
Today's lucky color: apple green or Middle Lake Blue or daylight yellow
Today's Lucky Fragrance: sweet-scented osmanthus
Today's auspicious ornaments: Emerald Pendant or Pixiu pendant
The best match for the constellation: Taurus, Virgo(Today best: Cancer)

Capricorn girl personality♀

Advantage: superior, intelligent, real

Weakness: inflexible, suspicious

Personality description:
Have the ambition to establish professional ability, be able to accept the temper of patience, be good at doing things and be serious and responsible, like to plan feasible goals and try our best to complete them. Everything is oriented towards the established goal, which is rigid and inflexible without human feelings. It often appears utilitarian indifference in order to achieve the goal, demanding itself strictly and restraining the real emotional needs. She often puts on flawless masks to the people she loves deeply, lacking the taste of sincerity and warmth. But she is really a passionate person and is absolutely loyal in love.

Capricorn boy personality♂

Advantage: generosity, optimism, tolerance

Weakness: Poor communication skills and inflexibility

Personality description:
Capricorn boys are basically a lonely person. They rarely show their true feelings. Their emotions often contain melancholy. Their thoughts are often in a state of vacillation. They don't think of themselves or others. Only when he really admires a person, or only between confidants or when he feels trusted, can the deep dependence be aroused, and this tie is enduring. Their character is carried out under the strict control of meticulous spirit, high sense of responsibility and logical mind.

Today's Capricorn Prediction

Capricorn Astrological Prediction for May 2022, The composite index was 88.75, Ranked No.1 in the Today's horoscope (View 12 Horoscope Rankings) Today's Capricorn Babies, The health index (97 points) is beautiful, and there is no need to worry about health; In love, wealth, career, study and health, we should know how to be grateful and thank all those who have helped us. Today's sign that matches you best is cancer. If your secret love happens to be cancer, today is a good time to confess! Capricorn's Guardian sign is the most active at 4:00-5:00 pm today. This is the best time for Capricorn's luck. At the same time, it faces the southeast u2198 The direction is better for your luck. …[more..]