Taurus head portrait


April 20 to May 20
Taurus personality: Taurus people feel stable and pragmatic, pursue stability and harmony, and are afraid of changes. They belong to the enjoyment group. Like stability, most afraid of insecurity. But sometimes he appears stubborn and takes money seriously.
Ruling house: second
Manage planets: : bull
Attribute: negative
Five Elements: earth
Today's Lucky numbers: ⑥ Ⅵ
Today's Lucky direction: North ↑
Today's lucky color: Ocean Blue or green onion or lake blue
Today's Lucky Fragrance: Citrus
Today's auspicious ornaments: Turquoise Pendant or obsidian bracelet
The best match for the constellation: Virgo, Capricornus(Today best: Leo)

Taurus girl personality♀

Advantage: Romance, decision-making ability, good logic

Weakness: prejudice, independence

Personality description:
Rich in stability, persistent, like collecting and hoarding, pursue sensory enjoyment, like and good at enjoying life. Taurus is a person who lacks romance and has a boring life. But Taurus will stand up when you are in danger, better than all the sweet words. They pursue love bravely and enjoy the days with you.

Taurus boy personality♂

Advantage: romantic, decisive, logical

Weakness: prejudice, obsession

Personality description:
Taurus men like a stable life. A stable and lasting living environment is very important to Taurus boys. Family and children are the center of Taurus boys' life and the capital of Taurus men's joy and pride. In particular, children are the sustenance of Taurus boys' long cherished wish. Whether in love or in material pursuit, Taurus character takes reliability and safety as the main standard, which is even the basis of Taurus man's character and thought. They are slow to adapt to new things and are unwilling to easily change their living habits. Their character is relatively stable and rarely lose their temper. However, once the attack is not trivial, it will make people creepy. So it's best not to mess with them.

Today's Taurus Prediction

Taurus Astrological Prediction for May 2022, The composite index was 86.75, Ranked No.2 in the Today's horoscope (View 12 Horoscope Rankings) Today's Taurus Babies, The health index (97 points) is very good. In terms of health, we should pay attention to maintaining the amount of exercise; When the indexes of love, wealth, career, study and health are relatively good and everything is going well, we should be vigilant, because deformity is the essence of life. Today Leo is the best match for you. Be bold to confess to her/him in Leo. Farewell to being single may be today. Taurus' Guardian sign is the most active in today's 2:00-3:00 am. This time is Taurus's best luck. At the same time, facing north u2191 is better for your luck. …[more..]