Virgo head portrait


August 23 to September 22
Virgo personality: Virgo people are thoughtful, very modest, cautious, conservative, very patient, good at analysis, demanding perfection in everything, and a perfectionist. But it is easy to give people more pressure, more passive and serious.
Ruling house: sixth
Manage planets: : Mercury
Attribute: negative
Five Elements: earth
Today's Lucky numbers: ⑨ Ⅸ
Today's Lucky direction: southwest ↙
Today's lucky color: rose purple or pale yellow or corn yellow
Today's Lucky Fragrance: white wood incense
Today's auspicious ornaments: Turquoise Bracelet or gourd pendant
The best match for the constellation: Capricornus, Taurus(Today best: Gemini)

Virgo girl personality♀

Advantage: Careful, gentle and generous, cheerful

Weakness: Love to pick faults, flatter the world

Personality description:
Have the talent to arrange things in order and complete every detail of life in order to fulfill their service responsibilities. It is not easy to have defects in every detail, and the pursuit of excessive perfection leads to the tense thinking that can not be relaxed, so that they unconsciously fall into the nagging state of constantly criticizing themselves and the surrounding personnel. Virgo girls seem to be chaste saints who don't eat human fireworks, but in fact, they dare to face the questioning and betrayal of the whole world for love.

Virgo boy personality♂

Advantage: naughty, enthusiastic, shy

Weakness: Nosy, overly cautious

Personality description:
Virgo boys are serious and have a strong sense of responsibility. It is their motto to defend themselves with continuous self-restraint or critical spirit, and do their own work meticulously, which is also the greatest wish of Virgos; The unchanging life is the Virgo man's ideal paradise, taking abiding by customs as the criterion of his actions. Their character likes things to go on in an orderly way, so they don't like to open up new situations or markets, and don't like to give full play to their talents in an independent career.

Today's Virgo Prediction

Virgo Astrological Prediction for May 2022, The composite index was 73.75, Ranked No.11 in the Today's horoscope (View 12 Horoscope Rankings) Today's Virgo Babies, In love, wealth, career, study and health, the index is less than the top and more than the bottom. Keep an ordinary mind and keep quiet. Gemini calls you most today. If you secretly love him, he happens to be Gemini. Today is a good time to confess! Virgo's Guardian sign is the most active in today's 6:00-7:00 am. This is Virgo's lucky time. At the same time, it faces the southwest u2199 The direction is better for your luck. …[more..]