Scorpio Horoscope Today:May 26, 2022

composite index:82.50

Scorpio composite index 82.50

love fortune:66

Fortune Index:99

Career Index:80

health index:85

Lucky color:Khaki or White or light blue

Lucky number:③ Ⅲ

Lucky location:WEAT ←

Lucky perfume:Lily of the Valley

auspicious ornament:jade bead chain or obsidian bracelet

Lucky time:8:00-9:00 PM

love pairing:Gemini

How will be your luck for Scorpio on May 26, 2022? The following is the interpretation of the Scorpio Horoscope index on May 26, 2022:

Scorpio Astrological Prediction for May 26, 2022 (Thursday,Chinese Calendar 2022-04-26),The composite index was 82.50,Ranked No.7 in the horoscope for May 26, 2022(View 12 Horoscope Rankings), keep a kind heart. When you meet someone or something you can help, remember to stretch out your hands. The kind Scorpio angel is the most lovely.

Today's Scorpio Babies,The financial luck index (99 points) is excellent. In terms of financial luck, we should know that contentment is always happy and can't be greedy; The fate of love is not very bad. If you don't love, you don't love. Follow your heart. There are better things waiting for you in the distance. Today, Gemini is your favorite constellation. If you have a favorite, it may be an opportunity, but it's not necessarily just love! Scorpio's Guardian sign is the most active at 8:00-9:00 pm today. This is the best time for Scorpio's luck. At the same time, facing west is better for your luck.

Mofalulu advice to Scorpio girls:

Scorpio Sister or sister May 26 you can wear Khaki clothes or skirts (scarves or shoes), and if you don't have khaki, white or light blue is also acceptable. If khaki is white or light blue, there will be a bonus in a reasonable match. With the perfume of bell blue fragrance, the quality of being static is very attractive to him. If you have a jade bead chain or obsidian bracelet or jewelry with the same or similar attributes, remember to wear it. It can add points to your luck in love, wealth and career! Jade is the relic of the earth. In tradition, it is a spirit stone to dispel evil and avoid evil!

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