May 15, 2022 Horoscope Ranking

Love Ranking

TOP1Libra Love Index:89
TOP2Aquarius Love Index:87
TOP3Capricorn Love Index:86
Scorpio Love Index:86
Pisces Love Index:85
Gemini Love Index:84
Leo Love Index:82
Sagittarius Love Index:80
Taurus Love Index:78
Aries Love Index:71
Virgo Love Index:61
Cancer Love Index:55

Wealth Luck Ranking

TOP1Taurus Wealth Index:96
TOP2Sagittarius Wealth Index:88
TOP3Capricorn Wealth Index:82
Cancer Wealth Index:82
Aries Wealth Index:82
Gemini Wealth Index:81
Pisces Wealth Index:79
Libra Wealth Index:77
Scorpio Wealth Index:73
Virgo Wealth Index:73
Aquarius Wealth Index:71
Leo Wealth Index:65

Career Ranking

TOP1Libra Career Index:97
TOP2Gemini Career Index:94
TOP3Aries Career Index:89
Pisces Career Index:82
Cancer Career Index:80
Sagittarius Career Index:79
Leo Career Index:78
Capricorn Career Index:71
Virgo Career Index:67
Taurus Career Index:61
Scorpio Career Index:60
Aquarius Career Index:55

Healthy Ranking

TOP1Capricorn Healthy Index:98
TOP2Gemini Healthy Index:96
TOP3Virgo Healthy Index:96
Libra Healthy Index:94
Scorpio Healthy Index:93
Taurus Healthy Index:91
Leo Healthy Index:89
Aries Healthy Index:88
Cancer Healthy Index:87
Aquarius Healthy Index:84
Sagittarius Healthy Index:83
Pisces Healthy Index:75

May 15, 2022 Total Ranking

TOP1Libra Index:89.25
Libra  composite index: 89.25
TOP2Gemini Index:88.75
Gemini  composite index: 88.75
TOP3Capricorn Index:84.25
Capricorn  composite index: 84.25
Sagittarius Index:82.50
Sagittarius  composite index: 82.50
Aries Index:82.50
Aries  composite index: 82.50
Taurus Index:81.50
Taurus  composite index: 81.50
Pisces Index:80.25
Pisces  composite index: 80.25
Leo Index:78.50
Leo  composite index: 78.50
Scorpio Index:78.00
Scorpio  composite index: 78.00
Cancer Index:76.00
Cancer  composite index: 76.00
Virgo Index:74.25
Virgo  composite index: 74.25
Aquarius Index:74.25
Aquarius  composite index: 74.25

The top three horoscopes of the twelve constellations May 15, 2022 are LibraGeminiCapricorn;the top three for love (peach blossom) are LibraAquariusCapricorn;the top three for wealth are TaurusSagittariusCapricorn. For ranking information, please click on the list above.