Horoscope Weekly Ranking

Week 20 2022:May 09, 2022 to May 15, 2022

Love Ranking

TOP1Libra Love Index:84.00
TOP2Leo Love Index:81.00
TOP3Capricorn Love Index:80.57
Aries Love Index:78.71
Pisces Love Index:77.86
Gemini Love Index:77.57
Scorpio Love Index:76.71
Taurus Love Index:74.57
Virgo Love Index:74.29
Aquarius Love Index:73.86
Sagittarius Love Index:73.71
Cancer Love Index:71.29

Wealth Luck Ranking

TOP1Aries Wealth Index:85.86
TOP2Taurus Wealth Index:82.00
TOP3Scorpio Wealth Index:81.86
Leo Wealth Index:78.29
Aquarius Wealth Index:78.00
Cancer Wealth Index:75.86
Gemini Wealth Index:75.57
Libra Wealth Index:74.43
Sagittarius Wealth Index:74.14
Capricorn Wealth Index:73.43
Virgo Wealth Index:72.43
Pisces Wealth Index:71.86

Career Ranking

TOP1Aries Career Index:88.43
TOP2Sagittarius Career Index:85.43
TOP3Gemini Career Index:82.14
Cancer Career Index:81.14
Aquarius Career Index:79.57
Capricorn Career Index:79.00
Libra Career Index:78.00
Leo Career Index:77.00
Pisces Career Index:76.57
Scorpio Career Index:72.14
Taurus Career Index:69.43
Virgo Career Index:65.71

Healthy Ranking

TOP1Aries Healthy Index:91.29
TOP2Leo Healthy Index:87.14
TOP3Virgo Healthy Index:86.29
Cancer Healthy Index:86.29
Libra Healthy Index:85.71
Scorpio Healthy Index:85.71
Sagittarius Healthy Index:85.57
Taurus Healthy Index:85.57
Capricorn Healthy Index:85.14
Gemini Healthy Index:84.86
Pisces Healthy Index:83.57
Aquarius Healthy Index:76.29

Horoscopes Ranking: Week 20 2022

TOP1Aries Index:86.07
Aries  composite index: 86.07
TOP2Leo Index:80.86
Leo  composite index: 80.86
TOP3Libra Index:80.54
Libra  composite index: 80.54
Gemini Index:80.04
Gemini  composite index: 80.04
Sagittarius Index:79.71
Sagittarius  composite index: 79.71
Capricorn Index:79.54
Capricorn  composite index: 79.54
Scorpio Index:79.11
Scorpio  composite index: 79.11
Cancer Index:78.64
Cancer  composite index: 78.64
Taurus Index:77.89
Taurus  composite index: 77.89
Pisces Index:77.46
Pisces  composite index: 77.46
Aquarius Index:76.93
Aquarius  composite index: 76.93
Virgo Index:74.68
Virgo  composite index: 74.68

The top three horoscopes of the twelve constellations week 20 2022 (May 9 to May 15, 2022) are AriesLeoLibra;;the top three for love (peach blossom) are LibraLeoCapricorn;the top three for wealth are AriesTaurusScorpio. For ranking information, please click on the list above.

about weekly ranking:

Mofalulu The calculation method of the week is to use the usual Monday as the start and Sunday as the end, and a week is from Monday to Sunday (the international weekly standard is every Sunday to the next Saturday). The way our constellations are calculated is closer to the trajectory of our lives.